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Fully automated mattresses factory delivered to Wonderland beds of Norway.


Our delivery to Wonderland Beds Of Norway of robotic solutions, transport systems and scada digital communication of fully automated mattress factory.

High technology: the new production line is specially developed for the customer and makes them one of the world leaders in their field.

The robot-controlled machines make production more efficient and accurate.

Nortura Steinkjer with a new slaughter line. The entire facility provided by GJ Machine. From empty premises to production in 8 days, proud supplier.

See photo history from the 8 day 😉

Quote Nortura SA’s FB pages:

New slaughter line at Steinkjer is in place! Trøndelag is a large and important agricultural area, with large livestock production.

– We do not hide that we have been excited and we have made possible contingency plans. Inserting a completely new slaughter line is a big job – and not without risk. We are very satisfied and relieved and pay tribute to the good preparation that has been done at Nortura Steinkjer, says Executive Vice President of Production, Lisbeth Svendsen.

Fully automatized maintenance line with handling- and welding robots to the aluminium industry.

With intelligent networking of machines and processes we became the first to develop a modern maintenance line for repair of anode stubs to the aluminium industry.

Anode yokes are used to melt aluminium in Aluminium smelters. In the smelters, the anodes go through an electrolytic process which over time eats up the anode stubs, and the stubs must therefore be repaired.

The World’s largest ABB Industrial Robot

In this project we also became the first in Norway to use ABB’s largest industrial robot, this to be able to handle the massive weight of the yokes. The need for such a large robot, tells you about the size of materials in the Aluminium smelters, and that is probably the reason why no one has previously made a similar line.

In this project we delivered 2 pcs. welding Robots (master and slave) for repair and weld of new stubs to the anode yoke. Further we used Fronius with ABB’s Weldguide, the most powerful and advanced object and joint tracking for welds of bottom, middle and top string. Likewise in this project, we delivered 2 pcs. Handling robots and 1 robot for removal of corrosion and slag before welding.

read more on the customer’s website: https://www.hmr.no/en/selskap/protech-as/

We deliver finished production- and packing lines. For nice flow of goods, we connect and make the machines talk togheter.