Transportation and logistics solution

Presentation film by GJ Machine


This from a project done for the customer.

The video shows EPS boxes from the time they are made until they are transported, marked and stacked in stock, and further handled by a robot where the boxes are stacked and prepared for automatic loading into the train.

Delivery to Vartdal Plast, including moving and transporting of air boxes with automation, robot picking, transport and digital solutions.

Boxes are made and transported, labeled and stacked in stock, so that robot destabilization is prepared for automatic loading inside the wagon train.

TINE Meierier in Ålesund with new transport and lift system from GJ Machine

Their new transport system regard to palletizing system are used to buffer pallets steck in transport facilities, further sent to robot for palletizing.

The system contains two robots who work on several lines and elevators with very high line speed 30 pcs. pr. minute.

There are many solutions for transport and displacement. You have a desire, we come up with good solutions.