GJ Machine is ABB Robotics system integrator with partner agreement with RobotNorge and can supply good robotic solutions.

In addition, we are system integrators for Universal Robots in collaboration with the Norwegian Cobot Center for cobots.

GJ Machine custom-make complete solutions wich  include robot, programming, vision technology, conveyors and other necessary equipment. 

Our designers develope custom-specific products who can be adapted to several different products or with several different features built-in, e.g. grapples.

Good cooperation with partners is important to us. Therefore our collaboration and support with RobotNorge and ABB means that we deliver superior robot technology. Our common goal is to promote ABB’s robotic technology to the market.

GJ Machine use ABB`s large product range, from large robots wich lifts weights up to 800 kg for e.g. palletizing, to ABB Flexpicker, equipped with vision camera system who can pick small bags from conveyor belts. 

ABB has also comprehensive product range specially designed for the food industy. In fish farming it is now quite common to pallet boxes with ABB robots. Other applications are under development.

Benefits of robotizing your production

  • Higher production rate

  • Minimize labor-intensive and HSE-stressed tasks

  • Shorter turnaround times, adjustments and greater flexibility, with lean products in work

  • Smoother and better quality and clear delivery time

  • Increased production with the same or lower manning

  • Reduced cost per component produced, low repayment and long lifetime

Anyone can buy an industrial robot, it is something else to want a smart production solution.